• 28.08.2019
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Merg | 01.09.2019
Thanks for the movie sexy. Very nice.
Tusar | 28.08.2019
I mean, lol it was predictable. I’m just super annoyed with the repeat of the live triangle forreal. & I’m tired of Jane being the ONLY person in this entire show that has support. Doesn’t Michael have friends? Doesn’t Rafael have friends as well? Raf annoyed me being super petty wap and immature and defaulting to dumb ass behavior. You have a son; boohoo the girl you like is on that bullchit, suck it up buttercup. You’re about to be financially stable again with the real estate joint and you’re hot. Go work it out on someone else, ya work, go get some friends, just something. Michael keeps creepily hanging around & popping up. I don’t know where his family is staying but idk seems weird he just stays there with no job, no connections, etc. If he doesn’t have any of the above, skedaddle. And during four years it seems outlandish that he wouldn’t have dated anyone himself particularly since he was eyeing up Petra when he first popped back. I think the storyline would be more interesting if Jane’s love interests were allowed to be more well rounded characters in that their whole existence didn’t revolve around her period. Finally, PETRA is the only thing I liked about this episode and in general. I am #TEAMPETRA for life. She’s the most interesting person on the show.
Nimuro | 05.09.2019
If he recovers, he will cheat on you again, only now he will have a I beat cancer sob story to pick up new girls with.
Vudogami | 06.09.2019
It really was. Hopefully November will be better for the both of us. <3
Goltitaxe | 05.09.2019
Liked watching her rail the dick

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