• 10.03.2018
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Mijinn | 10.03.2018
I guess what I was getting at in my first reply was that if children are estranged from parents, then something is wrong. My husband agonized over his relationship with his parents before finally cutting them off earlier this year. Ultimately, the issue was that they didn't know how to have a healthy relationship with him or each other, and (at least in his father's case didn't care to learn.
Megar | 17.03.2018
Just wanted to let you know we're almost neighbors. Hit me up if you want to chat
Dagami | 15.03.2018
is this truly a mum and step son-in-law ?
Vikora | 19.03.2018
Aw gee, can't click on the link at the top of the op and the links inside the article. Poor li'l sausage. I hope you're not voting age yet.
Todal | 14.03.2018
Both of the controller isn't connected

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