• 16.10.2018
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Brarr | 25.10.2018
Wya in atl
Jutaur | 24.10.2018
I'd like to make some movies shortly
Kajira | 19.10.2018
Every time this guy opens his mouth, he embarrasses himself. I have said forever, that the only people who don't make mistakes are people who don't do anything, but there is an obligation to learn from those mistakes. As Will Rogers once said Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of experience comes from bad judgment. When has Trump ever learned from a mistake? WAIT! When has Trump ever made a mistake that he admitted to?
Shakami | 24.10.2018
That's always my luck. I wouldn't feel as bad if I didn't receive the disgusted look on their face when I approached them. A confused look would have been an upgrade.

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