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  • 21.03.2019
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Vudom | 25.03.2019
Difficult but not unlikely to masturbate to. 7/10
Samukinos | 26.03.2019
So, update on my doggo. The test results came back mostly normal, and the doctor gave him antibiotics. There has been less diarrhea with no trace of blood.. However, he only went to the bathroom twice yesterday and it was runny. We walked about 40 mins last night and he seemded lively but did not use the bathroom even though he ate his food [boiled chicken breast and rice]. This morning, he woke me up dry heaving -- no vomit -- and did not eat his food [the above]. When we walked, he kept trying to eat grass...
Zologar | 23.03.2019
Holy shit, this guys a thicker Beta masculine than Michael Cera. Im amazed!

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